Concession stand closes 10 minutes after the second feature starts; access to the restrooms (through the South/back doors) available until the theatre closes

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We use the highest quality food and drink items available in our concession stand. Our hamburgers are a special 80/20 lean to fat ratio ground chuck. Our hotdogs are Vienna all beef. We utilize cannola oil in popping our popcorn (not the artery-clogging coconut oil you get in most theatres). We use only vegetable oil (no trans fats) in our deep fryers (not peanut, palm, or coconut oil). We have fryers dedicated each to french fries, and foods with dairy products to avoid cross-contamination for those with dairy and gluten allergies.

We cook all meats to proper internal temperatures as defined by the Health Department. Consuming undercooked meats raises the risk of food-borne illness. We will not honor any requests to cook hamburgers rare or medium-rare.

We do not use peanuts or peanut oil in the preparation of any of our foods. Some of our candy and ice cream products (e.g. M&M peanut and King Cone Ice Cream) do contain peanuts, but those products are separately wrapped and clearly identify their peanut content. Because these products are individually wrapped when we receive them, there is no danger of cross-contamination.

If you have any questions on the ingredients in any of our products, please email us.