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Theatre Policies and House Rules 2017


Dear Patrons,


In order to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all of our customers while safeguarding our business, we have established the following policies and rules of conduct. When you buy your ticket and enter theatre grounds, you are agreeing to abide by these policies and house rules.  Please familiarize yourself with them ahead of time.



Keep your ticket stubs. In the event of a problem, Your stub is your proof that you paid proper admission for that evening.

No refunds.  No rain checks.  There is one exception to this rule.  If mechanical/electrical failure occurs, or if heavy fog/snow (as determined by the projectionist) prevents the first feature from being shown, we will refund your full ticket price.  If for any reason the second feature cannot be shown, customers can return another night to see the same second feature for no additional charge. Under no circumstances will we give out partial refunds.

No leaving and re entering the theatre.  Re entering cars will be charged another admission. 

Video cameras or any other recording devices are prohibited on theatre grounds in support of anti-piracy laws.

No carry in food or drink (of any kind, size, or amount) may be brought onto theatre property, regardless of your intentions to consume these items.  No exceptions and no excuses. This includes bottled water, doggie bags from dinner, leftover items from the picnic/beach/birthday party, groceries, etc. Baby formula and whole fruit (not juice) and vegetables for small children are allowed. If you have any carryin items in your car, you may leave them at the box office and pick them up on your way out. Once past the box office, if you are caught with carryin items, you may stay if you donate all items to The Jefferson Food Pantry. If you refuse to donate your items, become argumentative, or are otherwise verbally abusive to our staff, you will be ejected from theatre grounds without a refund. Anyone ejected from the theatre may not return that same evening. If you have any special needs, you must contact us via email at least 24 hours in advance. In your email you must specify what items you want to bring in. Please note that we have many items in our concession stand that are gluten-free and dairy/casein-free. We will not honor any special needs or requests if you do not contact us in advance and specify the exact items you want to bring in.

Anyone in possession of alcohol (of any amount and regardless of whether you intend to consume it) or glass bottles on theatre property will be ejected immediately without a refund. We will confiscate alcohol from minors. If you have any questions about this policy, please email us before you come here.

Firearms, or any other dangerous weapons, are prohibited on theatre property. City, County, and State police officers, and federal law enforcement agents may bring firearms onto theatre property if they alert us at the box office and show proper identification.

On The Lot  

Speed limit is 5 MPH. 

For the safety and security of our customers, staff, and theatre property, the lot is under video and audio surveillance.

The playground is closed once the show starts. Parents are responsible for supervising their children at all times.  Children must wear shoes on the lot.  

Only one space per vehicle.  Please park within two feet of the pole so you do not block another parking space.  If you wish to sit outside, do so in front of your vehicle. No saving spaces.  Spaces are on a first come, first served basis.

Large vehicles must park at the red poles - row five (5) on back - on designated evenings.  (Large vehicles are those not classified as either a car/sedan or wagon as defined by and include vans, SUVs, trucks, jeeps, etc.). Oversized vehicles must park in the back as directed by our parking attendants.  Designated evenings are Fridays and Saturdays, Memorial Day to Labor Day, and holiday nights as designated.  We reserve the right to repark any vehicle. 

Hatchbacks must be tied down even with the roof line.  Bring some bungy cords or we will provide twine at no charge. No sitting on the roof of your vehicle. 

Please - no headlights or stepping on your brakes (tail lights) when the movie is on.  Patrons are responsible for knowing the operation of their vehicle. Your owner's manual should have information on how to disable headlights/daytime running lights.  If you cannot disable your headlights, you may not run your engine. Do not shine flashlights on the screen.  Laser pointers are strictly forbidden.

Smoking (including electronic cigarettes) is not allowed in any building or within 15 feet of building entrances. Smoking and running your car engine is allowed only to the extent you do not bother other customers.

Pets are allowed.  However, owners are completely responsible for the behavior of their pets.   Dogs must be leashed when outside of the car and no animals are allowed inside the concession stand as per Health Department requirements. You may walk your dog in the east side of the theatre away from the parking ramps, but you must clean up after your pet. If your dog likes to bark at passer-bys, please leave them at home. Dogs are not allowed in the playground area (between Row 1 and the screen).

No loud radio/CD playing. No Littering.  Please place your trash in one of the many trash receptacles we have about the lot.

We do not tolerate foul or abusive language. 

We provide the movie soundtrack via F.M. broadcast to your car radio. Although we have speakers in the first six rows, we do not guarantee that a speaker will be available. We suggest that you arrive in a vehicle that has a working F.M. radio. Generally you can hear the movie in the forward half of the theatre and there is a walk up ramp in the front where you can sit and listen to the movie. But we will not give a refund to anyone because their radio doesn't work and a speaker is not available. Also remember that we do not rent or loan out portable radios.

We may ask to inspect a vehicle if we suspect a serious violation of theatre policies (e.g. people sneaking in without paying or contraband such as carry in food/drink, alcohol, illegal drugs, weapons, or video equipment).  Any patrons who refuse this request will be ejected from theatre grounds without a refund.  If you have any questions about this policy, please email us.

We ask you to be courteous to other patrons and theatre staff.  We try to accommodate customer needs, but we will enforce our policies.  Management reserves the right to define and uniformly enforce acceptable and unacceptable behavior beyond these defined policies and house rules. Anyone who refuses to abide by our policies or follow the direction of our staff, will be ejected from the theatre without a refund.  If you have any questions, please see one of our staff members (if they are wearing a t-shirt, it will have the word “Staff” on the front).  For more information, visit our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page, or email us.